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Heirloom Tomatoes: When is enough?

I love great, home grown heirloom tomatoes, don’t you? There is nothing like the flavor of a great ‘Big Rainbow’ or ‘Mortgage Lifter’ tomato, still warm from the sun. Those are just two of the varieties I planted this year of a total of 10 different varieties, 14 plants in all. I grew nine of the varieties from seed, right in our own basement. I picked up the other one at a farmer’s market, I liked the name: ‘Stump of the World’. read more

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Compost Happens! Let the gardening begin

Finally! Some beautiful spring weather here in Michigan! Well, sort of. A week ago we had snow, today it was over 80 after an entire weekend of beeeeeeeyooootiful weather. We are having one weird April, that’s for sure. Mother nature is off her meds. It was just perfect for working outdoors though, so late last week, we ordered a truckload of compost. We could have had it earlier, but had other things on our schedule that prevented us from dealing with another truck in the driveway. read more

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Wild Turkeys

Happy Spring!

I suspect that this calendar year will be filled with ‘firsts’ for us. This week it was our first sightings of Wild Turkeys right on our own place. Last Tuesday I saw them across the farm field, a flock of hens followed by a strutting Tom Turkey- too far away to photograph, just near enough to tell what they were. read more

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The Froggy Sounds of Spring

spring peeper

Spring Peepers, Chorus Frogs and Wood Frogs

Last night we were able to hear the vigorous calling of wood frogs and spring peepers (and possibly chorus frogs – although they were being drowned out by the peepers) from our bedroom window.  There must be a vernal pond in the wooded area across the road.  The frogs in our pond have not started calling, so they haven’t identified themselves yet. read more